Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It is officially 2012 and I finally have some resolutions for this great year! 
Ready? Here we go....

 Resolution # 1
Super clique, but true... Being healthy is super important and I'm going to make it a priority this year!!
Stop eating crap and start moving that butt (4 times a week is what I am hoping)!!

Resolution #2
After reading Feed Me Nana's blog I realized I have to be more money conscience. I am going to only make 20 purchases for the year 2012. Including shoes, yes, ladies SHOES. I feel that this way I can really make a good choice and pick "essential" items for my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Resolution #3
My lease ends at the end of February and I am going crazy trying to find THE place to call home....
If you know anyone renting in the New Orleans area LET ME KNOW!!

What are your Resolutions for 2012??

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