Friday, August 17, 2012

Nail Addiction

As some as you may know, I have a nail polish addiction....
There is just something about the perfectly manicured nail that I can't resist
Here are my top colors to finish off this hot summer : :

1. Essie in lilacism
2. Essie in geranium
3. Essie in braziliant

And what better way to finish a manicure than with the best do it at home kit:: 

This Seche Ultra-V kit is amaziiing.... 
You put the top coat on and after 3 minutes of having your nails under the light the are completly 100% dry (Garance you need one of these girl!!)
Perfect for those girls on a budget that can't afford to go to the salon one a week or heck, once a month!!
You can even do your toes if you like. The lamp opens up to were you can stick them in and get a perfect pedicure. 

Are ya'll ready for the weekend??? 

I AM!!