Monday, January 30, 2012


I can't believe I am at more than 1000 views
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tribute to Amy Winehouse

"Amy Winehouse was a true style icon. What she stands for above all, is uniqueness. Both in music and the way she dressed, she mixed a great many influences to create her style."
-Jean Paul Gaultier

I am totally ♥♥ Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer '12 Collection
Inspired by Amy Winehouse signature looks, the beehive, heavy eyeliner, bright colored 60's styled clothing and the occasional cigarette.
What's not to love?

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Happy Friday!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Deal : Isabel Marant Sneakers

Isabel Marant sneakers $680
Aldo  $52.49
During my stay in Houston for New Years I came across these puppies and definitely a MUST have... Just because the Isabel Marant sneakers are like totally unattainable and just absurd to buy (just thinking about coughing up $680 bucks makes me queasy) does not mean I still can't look fashionable and jump on this bandwagon of wearing-sneakers-with-my-outfit-and-still-look-cool
Much to my surprise, they were on sale (which is ALWAYS a plus), and since here in the USA January 1st is like the mother of all sales... it had an extra 30% off :D 
Jump on the bandwagon! Help boycott expensive shoes, save your money and buy your shoes here!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday present

My Birthday Present to myself...

Can't wait for the SPRING to wear them :)

Hope you guys are having a great week!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012


My birthday present from my boyfriend    

The cuff is from this awesome jewelry store in New Orleans called "Gogo "
Check out their website here

Happy Sunday!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

*Just In*

 As I was walking around Magazine Street this weekend enjoying a delicious iced coffee from PJs, I stopped at a clothing store that I had never been to before. 
Being the on-a-budget-shopper, I was a good girl, resisted temptation and only looked at the items that were on sale. 
And that's when I came across this bad boy:

 Yeah, yeah so it's not the real deal.... and please save the "how dare you buy a replica?". But being serious most of us "working girls" (in this economy) can't afford to buy a ring that costs $250.00!! Well let me take that back-- if we save up real hard and not eat for a couple of weeks... it can become a possibility. 
But back to the story. I flipped out, tried it on, gave myself a pep talk...
 Seriously when will you actually buy the real thing? Remember you are moving and want to remodel your new apartment PLUS want to go on an awesome vacation this summer? 
So I caved in. I bought it. Shame or no shame, the ring cost $25.00
Helping me look fashionable this birthday weekend without breaking the bank :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Magazine Street ♥

Ah... Magazine Street... One of my favorite places to spend my Saturdays...


Best furniture store... EVER!

A little window shopping...

Typical New Orleanean home
Hopefully one day I will live in one...

Favorite restaurant... RUM HOUSE! 
Their Calypso Beef Tacos are just to die for!
Best time to come here is on Tuesdays... for $2.00 tacos :D

One of Magazine's funnest bars:
Balcony Bar :)

Happy Monday! 
Hope you guys have a great week!!



Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marc Jacobs

New Year, New Computer, New Cover!

And it's finaly here :D
It looks much brighter in person... the color is "Radioactive Orange"

What do you think?

Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Out : : Delachaise

Just your typical Wednesday night at Delachaise 
My boyfriend took me here Wednesday night for some vino and steaks...
If you are ever in New Orleans, this place is a must. Their cheese platter and wine selection is incredible!
My boyfriend and I had a malbec wine called Ique and the "steak frites" (which is to die for...)

Hope you're Ready for the Weekend....

I know I am!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It is officially 2012 and I finally have some resolutions for this great year! 
Ready? Here we go....

 Resolution # 1
Super clique, but true... Being healthy is super important and I'm going to make it a priority this year!!
Stop eating crap and start moving that butt (4 times a week is what I am hoping)!!

Resolution #2
After reading Feed Me Nana's blog I realized I have to be more money conscience. I am going to only make 20 purchases for the year 2012. Including shoes, yes, ladies SHOES. I feel that this way I can really make a good choice and pick "essential" items for my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Resolution #3
My lease ends at the end of February and I am going crazy trying to find THE place to call home....
If you know anyone renting in the New Orleans area LET ME KNOW!!

What are your Resolutions for 2012??

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! 

~Hope you all have a wonderful 2012 full of happiness and health~