Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding Fever

Ok... so I have been a very bad blogger and have abandoned all of you!!
BUT I promise I have a good reason-- 
I'm engaged :)
Yes, officially since May 25th...
So instead of looking for fashion inspirations, shopping/partying or simply having a life.. I have been reading magazines, looking at blogs, deciding on all these wedding things that I didn't even know I needed...
I am not the type of girl that THIS IS MY DAY LOOK AT ME!!!  I have never envisioned my 'dream' wedding, so in the beginning I felt pretty overwhelmed with everything going on
But as we have been slowly making decisions and knocking down one task at a time... I gotta say
I'm kinda enjoying this :)

We went dress shopping last weekend and I found the dress!
Next stop this weekend... wedding shoes...

Wedding Shoes

Those Manolos are just to DIE for.....

Hope you guys are ready for the weekend...

Cause its finally here!!!!!


  1. De verdad TE MEGA RECONTRA FELICITO !! Es algo increíble, el recuerdo de la propueta es inolvidable, me encantaría saber como fue !! Detalles por favooor !!

    Los manolo son los clásicos para una boda fashionista, no se si pagaría tanto por unos zapatos que no volvería a usar -con eso de lo blanco-.

    Yo también estoy comprometida hace casi un año, con lo de la mudanza a Argentina y todo el rollo aunque nos hemos sentado mil veces a empezar a pensar todo creo que lo dejo para el otro año, no quiero que sea con apuros porque es algo de una sola vez en la vida, no soy novia "empaquetada" así que te entiendo totalmente.



  2. Simply stunning! Love the lace pair! Congratulations on your engagement!


  3. Congratulations! That is such wonderful news... Planning and pulling the day together is so much fun, particularly the shoe and dress shopping! I love your selection up there - I ended up with a beautiful pair of jimmy choo peep toe pumps with crystals on the side - I loved them! Can't wait to hear more as your plans evolve!

  4. So... The jimmy Choos looked fabulous... But I wouldn't exactly call them comfortable!

  5. OMG, so many cute shoes!!!!! love sparkkelig shoes.. actually i love anything that sparkles, haha!

    love K


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